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Darksiders 4 possibly teased or leaked with new art

Published: 03:41, 02 November 2021
Anton Lavrushkin
Darksiders 4
Darksiders 4

Darksiders games keep popping up, giving the fans hope they will see what happens after the first game and the art director for the series offered another glimpse into the future.

Darksiders kicked off a series of games about the riders of the apocalypse with some alternate lore, with the idea of having a different rider as the protagonist whenever a new game comes out. We've had War, Death and Fury so far, with Strife being the only one that didn't get his game yet. More importantly, the overarching story didn't move from the cliffhanger it left us on, 11 years ago.

It is partially for this reason that fans keep anticipating more games, hoping to see what happens after War utters the famous "...not alone.." line. Given the nature of Darksiders 2 and Darksiders 3, however, Darksiders 4 will probably not move the story forward either.

On that note, neither the developers nor publishers officially announced the fourth instalment in the main series yet but the art director, Anton Lavrushkin, indirectly teased it. The image you see above is  taken from his ArtStation profile and it was posted on November 1, 2021.

There is no actual confirmation on who the character in the picture is but fans are speculating it's Lilith, the mother of Nephilim in the Darksiders universe. She has appeared before but not as a villain or playable character and it's known she works for the big boy downstairs so it remains to be seen what kind of role she might have in the fourth Darksiders story.

The art pieces don't show any of the four horsemen so it's not confirmed yet whether we will get to play with Strife as the new protagonist.

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