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Darksiders 3 launch date out, Fury will unleash fury in November

Published: 08:26, 10 July 2018
THQ Nordic
Fury, protagonist of Gunfire Games' Darksiders 3
Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games' hack and slash franchise Darksiders will be back for its third serving on 27 November 2018, with just as many protagonists, as Fury unleashes the fury with a furiously pricey special edition to match.

Immediately after you pick up your jaw from the floor after seeing a $400/£350 price tag for Darksiders 3's Apocalypse Edition, you may want to consider the contents and the general context.

The package contains an art book, soundtrack, case, special armour DLC along with War, Death, Fury and Vulgrim 10 inch figures, all of which feature exquisite craftsmanship, as well as a Horseman Amulet and a wall scroll. To be fair, considering the sort of roundabout path Darksiders 3 has taken to come to fruition, it's probably worth collecting too.

For the first time, Darksiders 3 will have players playing as Fury, Vigil Games' third Horseman of the Apocalypse. Yeah I said it. Fury uses a fiery whip to complete her quest and eradicate the Seven Deadly Sins on Earth. Good luck with that, right?

Anyway, Fury is a powerful mage whose powers will be evolving as she progresses through the world of Darksiders 3 and it looks a gorgeous world indeed. Gunfire Games themselves advise users on their Steam page to "sit in awe of Darksiders signature art style", which anyone familiar with Joe Mad can attest to. Or anyone with eyes, that'll work too.

It makes sense to expect Darksiders 3 to be the most ambitious one in the franchise and judging from the gameplay we've seen so far, Gunfire are on the right track. Fury brings an interesting dynamic to the game, striking us as somewhere in the middle between War and Death. Yeah, I know how that sounds.

In case you're not familiar with the story of Darksiders 3, it was actually brainchild of the now-defunct Vigil Games, who went down with their parent company THQ after the latter went bankrupt. In the end, Darksiders were bought off by THQ Nordic. They're really enjoying shopping in THQ Nordic, ?

THQ Nordic Female protagonist of Darksiders 3 flailing a whip Darksiders 3

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