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Dark Souls Remastered notorious area Blighttown has been fixed

Published: 16:01, 19 May 2018
A picture from a fire in Dark Souls Remastered
Dark Souls Remastered

Blighttown has been an area in the original Dark Souls notorious for massive performance drops on consoles. PC users had it a little easier, but frame rate would go down to 15 even on decent rigs. That is, until Dark Souls Remastered came.

There were previous indications that Dark Souls Remastered had addressed the issues in Blighttown, but it was just a video filmed with a camera during a on PAX East 2018. However, several sources have confirmed that the dreaded swamp is now running smoothly, with visual evidence presented in Digital Foundry's video above.

This area became an unofficial benchmark for Dark Souls over the years, with any performance upgrade for Blighttown quickly became a performance upgrade for the whole game. So when Dark Souls Remastered testers found out that Blighttown will no longer make players cry, at least not due to performance reasons, the news spread like wildfire.

Eurogamer tested the game on regular PlayStation 4 Pro and it runs on constant 60 frames per second, without hickups. This includes Blighttown, an area that could give even high end PCs a run for their money back in the day. Smooth frame rate persists despite the game having new ambient occlusion, lighting, special effects and 1080p resolution which was higher than it was in regular Dark Souls.

with PlayStation 4 Pro as well, with Dark Souls Remastered sailing smooth at 60 frames per second, but this time at 1800p. The testers did note a single, barely noticeable drop but it's too much of an improvement over the 15 frames per second torture. Testing also took place on Xbox One, but the results are not out yet, with just a notice that Xbox One S struggled at some point of journey through Lordran.

From Software A silly player is attempting to kill a dragon with melee attacks in Dark Souls Remastered Dark Souls Remastered

Improvements in graphics department are visible as soon as you play Digital Foundry's video, so you might as well enjoy the sights while being killed over and over again in glorious 60 frames per second in our favourite masochist past time that is Dark Souls.


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