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Cutesy co-op Biped has launched on PlayStation 4

Published: 18:08, 08 April 2020
NEXT Studios

Biped originally launched on PC but the PlayStation 4 version has now become available, one month later.

NEXT Studios developed an extremely cute game where two bipedal robots are working together to overcome obstacles and platforms in their serene adventure. While the title is playable in singleplayer, both the controls and the setting are optimised for co-op and since Covid-19 got us all isolated, it might be a great opportunity to bond with a loved one.

Being a console and all PlayStation 4, is probably a great platform to enjoy it on, although there is nothing to stop a persistent PC player from hitching the rig to a TV either. It uses the same screen so it's couch co-op action either way.

PS players can get biped at the price of $14.99 / €14.99 /  £11.99. 

There are several key features that the developers emphasised for both the PC and PS4 version:

  • Innovative and simple controls - each player controls their robot's two legs by using left and right analogue sticks. In the case of PC, you can use left and right mouse buttons. You can see the funny movement of each robot that is the result of this input scheme in the gameplay video below
  • Two-player co-op - Biped is playable solo but it's much more enjoyable with a partner
  • The environments - these include "beautiful and mysterious locations on the planet", ranging from forests, over valleys and waterfalls to icy mountains as Aku and Sila navigate the puzzles

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