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Biped is now available on Nintendo Switch

Published: 02:24, 03 July 2020

NExT Studios and META Publishing have announced that the cutesy co-op Biped has officially launched worldwide on Nitnendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch owners can now get Biped at the price of $12.74 / £11.46 on the eShop . For those not familiar with the title, it has won several awards and has been universally well-received.

Besides featuring two ridiculously cute robots, Aku and Sila, Biped wins hearts over with the physics-based puzzles that the duo have to overcome by cooperating and communicating throughout the adventure. 

On their quest to prevent the Earth from going dark, the tiny robots will uncover secrets, navigate odd environments, collect treasures and solve puzzles through some rather novel mechanics.

Each player controls their robot's movement by individually manipulating each of its two legs, hence the name. As you may have guessed, this is done with the sticks on controllers but there is also a control scheme for playing with the mouse for those who own the game on PC. 

In the case of Nintendo Switch, it is the perfect co-op game to enjoy with loved ones as it happens on a shared screen rather than splitting it for each player.

NEXT Studios Biped cover A new adventure begins

Even though the tiny robots look great as they are, NExT Studios let players have their own customisation fun so the players can have matching outfits or whatever else crosses their mind.

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