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Cuphead to mark five million copies sold with giveaways

Published: 15:38, 30 September 2019
Updated: 16:36, 30 September 2019
Studio MDHR
Cup headed creature fighting monsters

Studio MDHR have marked yet another milestone for their hit platformer Cuphead and while they certainly hoped for five million sold copies, we doubt they were outright expecting it. So, the developer will be celebrating with giveaways.

And to celebrate five million, they're having five days worth of giveaways. This is not the only reason to celebrate, mind you, as Cuphead happens to have turned two years old, so Studio MDHR marking two milestones here. 

"Cuphead turns two today, and we're so humbled to announce: it has officially gone five-times platinum! Starting now, the game is 20% off on all platforms for a full week. And stay tuned, because we have 5 days of fun and giveaways planned to celebrate 5 million copies sold", they wrote.

one of the more unique platformers one comes Cuphead took quite a few from the tried and true recipe book of arcades. In other words - it's one difficult game to even get a hang of, let alone master or beat to the last achievement, a feat that not many players can boast with.

In case you by some cosmic chance didn't play the game, Cuphead is a platformer that's not only old school in terms of gameplay - it's school in terms of animation. 

If the images you see aren't indicator enough of the art style Studio MDHR went for, you're looking at the sort of animation that pretty much kickstarted the art itself. Cuphead's developer didn't cut any corners either and produced the exact style in a way it was done at the time. 

Add to the mountain of artwork the fact Studio MDHR ensured Cuphead's soundtrack reflects the era as well, and you've got yourself a proper, authentic 1930s cartoon. Which is also a game. The kind that can make a grown man cry. 

Studio MDHR Cuphead and Mugman shooting at two giant frogs Cuphead

Don't forget that Studio MDHR will be holding five days worth of giveaways, so you'd do well to visit their occasionally and check for yourself what Cuphead- they have in store. 

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