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Cuphead on PlayStation 4 is available now, here is the launch trailer

Published: 15:42, 28 July 2020
Studio MDHR
Cup headed creature fighting monsters

Dark Souls of run and gun games - Cuphead - is officially available on PlayStation 4 right now. To celebrate the launch, the devs also revealed a brand new animated short.

Almost three years after the initial release on PC and Xbox One, the run and gun action game from Studio MDHR - Cuphead, has finally arrived to PlayStation 4. The game appeared on PlayStation Store just yesterday suggesting an imminent release and today Sony and the developer have officially confirmed that you can purchase and download this unique title from the PS Store right now.

To celebrate the release, Studio MDHR have shared a new launch trailer and also confirmed that they have been working with Toronto-based studio Stop Motion Department to create a brand new animated short. 

Here's what the developers had to say about the new short: 

Inspired by our love for the eerie, off-kilter style of 1933 experimental short The Peanut Vendor, Stop Motion Department went the extra mile to ensure that they were holding themselves to many of the same techniques as stop motion animators of the era. Puppet Fabricators Karen Valleau and Lauren Craig built the King Dice and Cuphead puppets with wooden heads, leather hands, and lots of primary shapes to reflect the children’s toys of the 1930s, which were made with simple manufacturing like drill presses and saws. 

You can find more details about the Cuphead PS4 release and new short  here .

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