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Crusader Kings III can now be converted to Vampire: The Masquerade universe

Published: 22:48, 04 September 2020
Crusader Kings III - Prince of Darkness conversion
Crusader Kings III - Prince of Darkness conversion

Paradox Interactive's latest entry in Crusader Kings got even better after a group of modders came together and introduced World of Darkness conversion.

One of the great advantages of gaming on PC are the mods that become available for certain games. Having Randy Savage dragons in Skyrim was a great example how far into absurdity mods can go but the mod sites and Steam Workshop are also filled to the brim with mods that enhance the player experience.

Princes of Darkness is one such mod. It completely converts Crusader Kings III into a World of Darkness version. This mod changes the states, factions and major players across the board and you yourself become an immortal vampire.

The participants in grand strategy aren't the only thing altered since the mod description states that "many gameplay concepts" also get revamped while the lore has been changed to fit the one with vampire world created by White Wolf.

For example, since you are a mostly immortal vampire, succession doesn't play as big of a role. Player character can still die if they get decapitated or put to the torch. 

Similarly, vampires are not usually known to procreate the way we do so marriages can't produce children and they are used to political purposes only.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings III logo Dark Ages just got darker

Furthermore, vampires in World of Darkness are on constant alert so they don't fall to the Beast, which is more of a metaphorical term as it's not some random monster that will pop up behind them and end their unlife. Instead, it describes the breaking point when a vampire loses all of their humanity and their inner beast takes over, making them almost mindless killing machines.

You can check out the Princes of Darkness mod with all of the mentioned and more alterations to the already well-liked Crusader Kings III. 

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