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Creative Assembly tease Total War announcement for tomorrow

Published: 19:23, 02 February 2021
Total War Warhammer II screenshot showing a massive battle
Total War Warhammer II

In their latest tease, Total War developer Creative Assembly have teased an announcement for tomorrow - Wednesday, February 3, 2021. The latest teaser ends with "something evil is coming, and it arrives tomorrow".

Over the last few days, UK-based developer Creative Assembly have been releasing some interesting teasers, which got many Total War Warhammer fans excited. The teasers don't really reveal much but have some Warhammer-related stuff that hints at big reveal.

Creative Assembly released four short animated videos with interesting voiceovers and each of the teasers, there's a different constellation from the Warhammer Fantasy setting. The first video included Grungni's Baldric, the second one was The Piper and the last one featured The Drummer and The Cauldron.

The latest tease is concluded by a cryptic message, which teases something big for tomorrow: "something evil is coming, and it arrives tomorrow". You can check it out below:

Whether this is an announcement for a brand new Total War Warhammer game or something entirely else, it remains to be seen. It's good that we won't have to wait for too long to see what exactly Creative Assembly have planned.

In case you are not familiar with the game, it's safe to say that Warhammer is one of the most popular Total War series. The game lets you choose from various factions from the Warhammer fantasy universe and it features turn-based gameplay as well as intense real-time battles.

Total War Warhammer I and II are available exclusively on PC. 

Total War: Warhammer II is a turn-based strategy by CA

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