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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled fourth season Spooky Grand Prix revealed

Published: 16:03, 02 October 2019
Crash Team Racing screenshot showing halloween map
Crash Team Racing is getting spooky new content

Activision have announced a new Grand Prix season for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled named Spooky Grand Prix. As the name suggests the new season is Halloween themed and it brings a new track, new characters and items to unlock.

Publisher Activision and the developer Beenox have officially revealed season four for their kart racer Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. Named Spooky Grand Prix, the content update brings Halloween-themed content including a new track, new characters, new rides, new items to unlock, and even a new challenge type. Additionally, this update introduces some big gameplay updates that have been heavily requested by the community.

Dubbed, Nina's Nightmare, the new track brings misty marshes, eerie gardens and twisted hallways of a haunted manor. For a proper Halloween mood, the devs added pumpkins spitting green ooze that can slow down players and there's also a beastly spider-pumpkin that can stomp you into the ground.

There are three new characters in Spooky Grand Prix season. You'll get to wreak havoc on the track with Nina Cortex, Dr N. Brio, and Komodo Moe - a trio of fan-favourite Crash franchise characters. Nina makes her entrance in the Nitro Gauge, while N. Brio and Komodo Moe can be found in the Pit Stop. 

This season also introduces a fresh batch of rewards that can be earned by completing challenges, earning Nitro, and filling your Nitro Gauge throughout the season. Furthermore, there is a special new challenges type this season. You'll get to track down some spooky spirits with Ghost Hunt.

During this Grand Prix, breaking certain crates will release a mischievous ghost that was trapped inside. Players will need to catch up to the ghost to capture it and complete Grand Prix challenges. The more of these crates you break, the more ghosts will be flying around and the more challenges you can complete.

Spooky Grand Prix also brings a trio of new karts including Nautilus, Skull Rider and Phantom. Nautilus and Phantom can be earned in the Nitro Gauge, while Skull Rider can be unlocked in the Pit Stop. You can take a look at them in the image below.

Activision crash team racing artwork showing Spooky Grand Prix content Spooky Grand Prix is packed with content

As for the gameplay changes,  it is now possible to select your desired Driving Style, regardless of the character you choose to race with. You can now pick your favourite style and your favourite racer at the same time, which is a pretty neat feature. Furthermore, Drift driving style has also been added to the mix and here's how some of the existing Driving Styles are named from now on.

  • Beginner is now Turn
  • Intermediate A is now Balanced
  • Intermediate B is now Acceleration
  • Advanced is now Speed

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled by Beenox and Activision

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