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Crash Bandicoot Mobile launches for Malaysian audiences

Published: 18:37, 22 April 2020
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We're yet to see any mention of it for Western markets but Crash Bandicoot Mobile has launched for Malaysian audiences, and there are already some gameplay videos in circulation.

We are talking about a mobile version of Crash Bandicoot so you could've already guessed that it's not Naughty Dog's work. Crash Bandicoot Mobile has been developed by King, Activision's mobile specialist, who shouldn't need an introduction.

King have confirmed in the meantime that Crash Bandicoot Mobile launched in Malaysia, but they claim it's just a small-scale playtest rather than a full-fledged release. 

They should be announcing specific dates for any additional regions they decide to playtest, but we'll know more on that later. We suppose Crash Bandicoot Mobile's playtests will determine just how much later are we talking about. 

Thankfully, there are already some gameplay videos, such as the one below by OGL Gameplays. As you can see, Crash Bandicoot Mobile has you running through levels with relatively simple controls, all the while trying to evade different obstacles. 

Crash Bandicoot Mobile stayed true to the well-established gaming mechanics, and seasoned players shouldn't have trouble jumping in. King made sure to include some instantly recognisable levels, like Lost City and Temple ruins, and the game is filled with familiar enemies as well. 

King's game throws some construction into the fray as well, where erecting specific buildings lets you make bombs, rayguns and other items Crash will find handy in his runs. 

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is already listed on Google Play , so if you're anxious to try it out, you can place it on your wishlist. 

The description reads, "In this new mobile episode, Dr Neo Cortex has dispatched mutagen henchmen across the multiverse to enslave all dimensions. With the help of his sister Coco, Crash must bash Cortex's minions back to their own dimensions! Run, spin and slide your way into madness with this new Crash Bandicoot game!"

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