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Corona Simulator is now available on Steam, and GameJolt

Published: 13:33, 23 June 2020
Phodex Games
Corona Simulator logo. Trailer screenshot.
Corona Simulator

Corona Simulator, the round-based strategy game developed by Markus Failer, is now available for PC on Steam, and GameJolt. 20 per cent of the "Savior Edition" revenue goes to WHO.

Markus Failer, an indie game developer and the founder of Phodex Games, just released his round-based strategy game titled Corona Simulator. The game is available now for PC on Steam , and GameJolt .

Corona Simulator is a mixture of a strategy game and a detailed virus simulation. As a global pandemic leader, you will try to manage a nations' resources, make tough decisions, and impose drastic measures to combat the deadly coronavirus and change the fate of mankind. 

"My goal with Corona Simulator was not only to bring joy to the players but also to give them hope", said Failer. "In fact, I have voluntarily placed myself in domestic self-quarantine for the entire production period of the game to express my respect for the victims of COVID-19 and all the people out there struggling with quarantine. Additionally, I decided to donate 20% of the revenue made by the "Savior Edition" to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund". 

Game Features: 

  • New perspective: Experience the pandemic from a new perspective and be the decision-maker.
  • Serious moral decisions: Respond to events based on news from the real world to shape the destiny of nations.
  • Detailed simulation: Experience a lifelike simulation in which the resources of nations interact dynamically with each other, thus influencing the behaviour of the virus.
  • Four deadly Corona strains: Adapt your strategies to the changing conditions that each strain brings with it.
  • Drastic measures: Stabilize nations through curfews, compulsory masks, financial aid, and other measures from the real world.
  • Find a cure: Win the battle against time and find the right balance between research and the economy.
  • Immersive visuals: Dive directly into the central computer of the "Global Pandemic Organization".
  • Thrilling soundtrack: A suspenseful soundtrack accompanies you on your way to fight the deadly Coronavirus. 

Savior Edition Additional Features: 

  • 20 per cent of the revenue goes to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
  • Five brand-new game events.
  • Four premium UI themes to dramatically change the appearance of your game.
  • One new, extremely challenging virus strain.
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