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Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale launches on Oculus platforms

Published: 17:00, 03 September 2020
Resolution Games
Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale
Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

Resolution Games launched VR fans can now Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale on Oculus Quest and Oculus rift devices for those looking to serve up sandwiches to werewolves. Literally.

VR fans can now enter the world of fables and instead of visiting the wondrous lands and interacting with various fantastic creatures in various ways, they will be serving sandwiches to animals of various sizes.

With the launch of Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, the players now have the possibility of going in for a co-op session of creating sandwiches that are to the specification of creatures as small as mice and as big and fearsome as werewolves. While it sounds silly and may be hard to comprehend at first, the sandwich-a-palooza in wonderland seems to be rather straightforward after watching the trailer, seen below.

You can either go singleplayer or team up as sessions support up to four players at once. In the case of going for multiplayer, the virtual sandwich makers will need to coordinate well if they want to keep orders coming in an being served in time. This is because no player in the session will have all the ingredients and they need to pass them along as they keep making the sandwiches.

Players will be able to go through 50 levels across 18 towns or opt-in for the Endless Mode which, true to its name, will be a bit of a frenzy as the teammates attempt to keep everyone fed.

The trailer also has a few shots of a situation when the challenge overcomes the players and the kitchen almost catches fire which was oddly funny.

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is now available on Oculus VR devices and will set you back $19.99 / €19.99.

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