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Starfield will let you build and pilot your own ship

Published: 19:39, 12 June 2022

Starfield will be an RPG, which means progression, which means people will want to customise their things. It looks like Starfield is set to deliver on that promise.

Bethesda revealed a chunky bit of Starfield gameplay which was followed by Todd Howard's narration, letting the fans experience a glimpse of what Starfield has to offer. 

This included several layers of customisation, which will include characters, ships and bases. In the case of characters, Bethesda claims this will be their most comprehensive character creation tool so far, which is not unusual as newer games often strive to offer more than their predecessors. Still, one would hope to lose a bunch of hours having fun with moulding their characters.

On top of that, players will also get to make their own bases as they explore the space, provided the area has been secured first. This sounds and looks a lot like what we had in Fallout 4 so it probably didn't cause too many heads to turn.

Ship customisation, however, is something we didn't get to experience in a Bethesda game before. Since Starfield will focus on exploration so much, the game will let you do it in style.

Players will be able to create their custom ships, probably as they unlock new parts or discover them, in the spirit of building robots of FO4. Mind you, this was not confirmed at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase - they only said custom ships can be created by the player.

Furthermore, these ships will not be just loading screen decorations. Players will get to pilot them and even enter dogfights in space as the Crimson Fleet, which is a fancy name for space Raiders, are hostile and seem to be found at every corner.

Todd Howard also noted that ship customisation isn't only about looks either as you will be able to improve a ship's performance, depending on which parts you instal which should make for some rather interesting spacefaring.

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