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Conan Exiles gets new DLC dubbed Imperial East Pack

Published: 19:54, 25 June 2018
Two distinctly Chinese looking buildings from Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles

It didn't take Funcom long to follow up the launch of its survival game Conan Exiles with downloadable content, although The Imperial East Pack DLC doesn't come free. The Imperial pack has just launched and comes priced at $/€9,99 or £8,99.

The entire DLC pack is Khitan flavoured, which is sure to differentiate you from the rest of Conan Exiles environments. The pack has as much as 39 Khitan building pieces, who Funcom says feature the same stats as existing tier three.

There are 15 new Khitan armour pieces divided across three sets, one of the being the Khitan Officer Armor. Apparently, each of the new Conan Exiles armour sets comes in light medium and heavy variants, each of them coming with an "epic end-game" iteration.

The Imperial East Pack has nine new weapons in a single set. All of the new Conan Exiles weapons are comparable to current iron weapons and each comes with powerful end-game version of itself. There are five new Khitan style warpaints as well.

Funcom threw in 25 new placeables for the Conan Exiles interior designers. You can create them at the new Khitan Artisan station and decorate your house as you see fit.

Conan Exiles developer claims that the The Imperial East Pack offers no in-game advantages in terms of actual power, so as to evade that nasty pay to win label. Therefore, weapons arriving with the new DLC have stats comparable to the existing batch of weapons.

In case you've clicked only because you're curious, you should know that Conan Exiles is quite a refreshing take on the survival genre. As our resident barbarian Nem found in his travels, even though the genre is considered to be on the out, Conan Exiles is likely to make sure it goes out .

Funcom Interior of what appears to be Chinese dwelling from Conan Exiles Conan Exiles

The Imperial East Pack DLC is already available on Steam and for what it's worth, reviews indicate it's a decent bang for your buck. You may not want to expect much from weapons though, even if they add plenty of bling to the Conan Exiles equation.

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