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CK3 Royal Court Expansion adds a new type of artifacts to the game

Published: 03:53, 10 November 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 teaser of the Royal Court in 3D
All of those tapestries give some bonuses to the Royal Court

With the artifacts no longer being just a picture on an inventory screen but being displayed in your courtrooms, Paradox are adding special artifacts made purely to make your courtroom grander.

Within your court, you will be able to show off the artifacts in your possession, from the smaller artifacts on pedestals and reliquaries holding the venerated remains of saints, to fine martial weapons forged or taken, to grand statues or fine furniture. These artifacts can be equipped in a number of slots around your courtrooms for viewing of the ruler and his guests.

The artifacts developers have added to the game cover a variety of different categories, small and large, and even to adorn your walls. The creation of these artifacts has gone through a few stages of development before making it into the Royal Court.

But a special place will be awarded to Court artifacts. In short, Court Artifacts are a special type of Artifacts. These are large furniture and other decorative items you display inside your Royal Court. This makes them distinct from your Inventory Artifacts, as you are not hauling them around everywhere.

Just like Inventory Artifacts, they give you a bonus if they are actively on display in your Royal Court. The primary purpose of Court Artifacts is to increase your Court Grandeur, but some have additional effects.

Paradox Interactive Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones

For most Court Artifacts, there is more than one slot to place them. Perhaps that tapestry would look better on that other wall?

This change will add a new way of strengthening your dynasty in martial, political, or economic might, while also not overly complicating the existing artifact structure, but rather expanding upon it in a natural way.

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