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CK3 artifacts will be stolen, reforged, gain fame and infamy and more

Published: 07:10, 12 January 2022
Crusader Kings III - Cursed crown of an infamous dynasty
Crusader Kings III - Cursed crown of an infamous dynasty

Artifacts don’t exist in a void but are living items in a living world, meant to be used, exchanged, stolen, and damaged. With use and time, an artifact’s durability lowers.

What happens when your grandpa’s armor gets rusty, or your sword loses its edge? You need an expert! The Antiquarian at your court specializes not only in maintaining but also in repairing your artifacts.

Sometimes, however, just repairing an artifact doesn’t really strike your fancy. Grandpa’s armor has seen its fair share of adventures, but it’s ancient, and you have more modern equipment to wear! There is but one choice, to have it reforged. By reforging an inventory artifact, you change it into a pedestal artifact to expose in your court. Of course, its modifiers will change accordingly, as wearing armor might make you tougher to kill, but it will hardly be of any help if it stays on a stand by your throne! On the other hand, your courtiers might be impressed by its fine decoration.

In some cases, however, you might not care enough about an artifact to repair or reforge it. When artifacts reach 0 durability they get destroyed and disappear from the game. Before that happens, however, other possibilities might open up for you through events. Perhaps a scrap collector will offer to buy it in exchange for some gold, or your antiquarian might find a way to repurpose it.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings III - Repurposed armor Crusader Kings III - Repurposed armor

Finally, some artifacts gain a reputation or a story through time! The sword of an often-triumphant general will be remembered as a fearsome weapon, while the crown that sat on the heads of your dynastic predecessors for generations will be recognized as a symbol of your people. But be careful, because if either you or your artifact gain an ominous reputation, your artifact might be known as a cursed item

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