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Circle Empires Rivals release date announced

Published: 13:00, 02 April 2020
Circle Empires Rivals logo
Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires is getting a sequel in the form of Circle Empires Rivals. The upcoming RTS title developed by Luminous will launch for PC in April 2020. Circle Empires Rivals will feature fast-paced action and online game modes.

Circle Empires Rivals is an RTS title that will be releasing on 15 April 2020. You'll be able to channel your inner Archimedes and fight to keep your circles undisturbed while striving to conquer the world, one circle at a time.

Circle Empires Rivals

Circle Empires Rivals is the latest RTS game developed by Luminous. The title will serve as a sequel to the acclaimed Circle Empires that launched back in August of 2018.

The upcoming standalone game will have both singleplayer and online multiplayer and will see its players take and try to hold onto their kingdoms while seeking to expand into neighbouring ones.


Key features

Circle Empires Rivals will feature the fast-paced action of its predecessor and offer a bunch of online game modes. You'll also be able to try your hand in competitive and co-op modes.

The game's circles will each offer a bunch of new enemies and fresh loot as well as different creatures, buildings and harvestable resources.

The players will be able to gain XP and level up their units over six game modes that include:

  • Roguelike
  • King Hunt 
  • Stop the Army

Circle Empires Rivals will also have procedurally generated worlds with 10 new biomes with their bonuses and mechanics as well as 25+ different faction leaders and 40 huntable boss monsters.

Circle Empires Rivals will launch for PC (via Steam ) on 15 April 2020.

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