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Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch fixes Spectre Gear, gives fewer credits

Published: 01:02, 08 June 2021
Saren Arterius looking cool with his Geth henchrobots.
Mass Effect

EA announced the patch notes for the latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition update and revealed that they fixed one of the biggest issues the game had.

Missing Spectre Gear has been a problem in Mass Effect Legendary Edition as it contains some of the best weapons you can get in the first game. Tier VII weapons would eventually disappear and not come back and the players would scramble to get something similar in the game but it was hard to get anything as powerful until level 50 when Tier X Spectre Gear would come around.

This issue has been fixed with the update from June 7, 2021, and you should be able to enjoy the weapons as soon as you get enough money for them. Just in case that the fix doesn't work, you can check the workaround that the community came up with. 

Anyway, that's not all the update did. The patch changed the amount of credits we get after importing a character to Mass Effect 2, provided some milestones were reached in the first game.

If you noticed excess credits in ME:LE when you played the second game for the first time, it's because you inherited about a million credits, allowing you to breeze through the shops. With the new limit of 100,000 credits, you will have to get all the possible discounts and choose carefully what to buy.

There are also other fixes such as performance in certain areas, all of which you can check out on the official patch notes page .

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