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BioWare seems to be teasing Geth in next Mass Effect

Published: 00:19, 08 November 2021
Mass Effect 2 - Legion
Mass Effect 2 - Legion

One of the most important races from the Mass Effect trilogy may be making a return, despite the odds being stacked against their survival.

N7 Day celebration resulted in a teaser image that got the Mass Effect fans thinking and theorising on what it may represent or mean. The image is pretty clear, with a giant crater next to a vessel from which a small group of individuals disembarked. However, the shape of the crater looks a lot like Geth's head, which spurred a lot of theorycrafting from the fans hungry for more of the series. If you want to avoid spoilers for the main trilogy, you might want to check the image out and not much else, since both the Twitter replies and this article will contain wording connected to the main plot.

Mass Effect's main trilogy featured Geth prominently, with the group shifting from the role of antagonists to misunderstood lifeforms who are just trying to survive but acting as the catalysts for the events throughout the series.

Ultimately, Shepard may decide their fate on more than one occasion and when the protagonist meets the Catalyst, they may choose to destroy all synthetic life, which includes the aforementioned artificial intelligence. As it turns out, this was the canon ending and the new Mass Effect will take place after the Reaper threat has been dealt with.

Therefore, when BioWare teased that Geth-shaped crater, it is no wonder countless fans started scratching their heads but we will have to wait a while and see what is going on and whether the synthetic race will manage to make a miraculous return.

Another thing to pay attention to is the aircraft, or rather a spacecraft, that has landed next to the crater as it is probably our next base of operations and it doesn't look like either Normandy or the Tempest.

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