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John Carmack is not amused

Published: 13:52, 03 February 2017
John Carmack

It's never too soon for a good rant.

A lot of people might claim they understand John Carmack's code and most of them are full of it. The developer living legend has taken to Facebook to vent a little about his experiences with the ZeniMax vs. Oculus . It is not quite common for involved parties to comment on legal verdicts so soon after a verdict, but then few things about Mr. Carmack are.

"Early on in his testimony, I wanted to stand up say “Sir! As a man of (computer) science, I challenge you to defend the efficacy of your methodology with data, including false positive and negative rates.” is among the highlights of the of the brief but juicy Facebook rant.

Carmack then proceeds to claim that the expert witness testimony was more motivated by personal profit than the pursuit of truth.

RoadToVR ZeniMax vs. Oculus ZeniMax vs. Oculus

ZeniMax has to the comments, simply pointing to the court findings regarding the back and forth: "As for the denial of wiping, the Court’s independent expert found 92 percent of Carmack’s hard drive was wiped—all data was permanently destroyed, right after Carmack got notice of the lawsuit, and that his affidavit denying the wiping was false. Those are the hard facts."

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