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Car Thief Simulator - The Dust's third game to be announced on Steam

Published: 10:42, 21 February 2020
The Dust
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Car Thief Simulator

Car Thief Simulator, in development by The Dust Studios, has been announced. The fans can follow the development progress on the game's Steam page. The Dust's latest simulator will let you play as a car thief who has to steal, drive and sell the cars.

Car Thief Simulator - the latest title in development by The Dust Studios - has now been announced. The game's development process can be tracked via its Steam page .

Car Thief Simulator is the third simulator game by the Wrocław company available on Steam. The latest simulator will let you play as a car thief whose main mission is to, well, steal cars. Your hunting grounds will consist of city streets, lots and parking garages.

In some aspects, the game will be similar to the Thief Simulator title, but the developer studio that's working on the Car Thief Simulator has their focus on the inner workings of stealing cars.  

Car Thief Simulator will have its players jimmy their target vehicle without drawing attention to their shady dealings. Anyone on the street can spot what's going on and alert the police, so sneaking around and keeping a look-out will be the key to your success.

The Dust Car Thief Simulator screenshot Car Thief Simulator

Once you've broken into the car, you'll have to start its engine and that, depending on the make and model of your newly acquired loot, will require the right tools. Driving away in the stolen car will only be half the battle though, as you then have to change the appearance of the car in order to sell it off.

Be warned, the accidents that occur while you're trying the evade the police will bring down the value of your car and if you happen to get into more than a few fender-benders, you'll have to sell the vehicle for parts.

Check out the Car Thief Simulator Steam page for details and updates.

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