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Capcom offers Resident Evil 2 unlocks immediately, for a price

Published: 17:18, 09 April 2019
picture showing leon from Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom are looking to squeeze a few bucks more out of Resident Evil 2 Remake that proved to be both a commercial and critical success. They are now offering several unlocks at the price of $4.99 / €4.99 / £3.99 which may not sit well.

Cheat codes have been available in gaming for a long time and players don't mind indulging here and there. For example, previous Resident Evil games sometimes allowed access to a secret menu where we could turn on infinite ammo and other goodies, but those times are seemingly over as Capcom are not hiding the cheats anymore - they are outright selling them.

The Unlock All Rewards DLC will remove the need to play the game in order to unlock some hidden goodies, which will now be immediatelly available if you shell out the money.

The 4th Survivor, The Tofu Survivor, Unbreakable Combat Knife, bonus costumes, models and concept art are included in the DLC along with infinite ammo for Samurai Edge, LE-5, minigun and ATM-4 rocket launcher.

All of these can be unlocked by playing the game, but there is no telling how many players have the patience or time to do the necessary prerequisites, so the DLC could indeed appeal to a portion of the player base.

For example, Harcore S+ may not be what some gamers are looking forward to do and this DLC could provide them with means to work around it.

Then again, others may not look at it as a good addition, since some people remember the good old days when we could either type HESOYAM, input a correct button sequence or find a secret menu in order to enable such cheats for free.

Capcom Picture of Kendo from Resident Evil 2 getting eaten by a zombie Resident Evil 2

Still, considering today's obession with games as a service, it is hardly surprising Capcom decided to monetise cheats in a singleplayer game that doesn't offer much room for recurring revenue. At least the price is not as aggressive as those in everyone's favourite games as a mess titles, Anthem and Fallout 76.

Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom's return to an absolute classic

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Resident Evil 2

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