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Call of Duty: Warzone brings April Fool's back

Published: 06:49, 05 October 2022
April Fool's are back in October!

You jump of the plane with no parachute, have a rocket launcher at the start of the game. If you die by any chance, you get infinite gulags to rise from the dead.

This year has passed by, but it is still not April. We're in October, so we still have three months till 2023. Nonetheless,  Call of Duty  is getting ahead of the game by bringing back its April Fool's Day mode for  Warzone  ahead of its shutdown before Warzone 2's release.

The new mode, labelled 'Totally Normal BR,' is currently available in-game. The description of the mode actually advises you not to play, stating: "Don't push this button." 

You're thrown onto the battlefield without a parachute, yet you don't hit the ground. There has been no fall damage. And once you've arrived, you'll realize you have every single perk.

You'll even start battles with a Panzerfaust rocket launcher, but it's not as powerful as it sounds - it won't kill anyone but will hurl them backwards for you to follow after. It's all a little ridiculous and hectic. 

Unless Warzone 2 does something similar in 2023 on April Fool's Day.

Activision Warzone brings delayed April Fool's mode back Warzone brings delayed April Fool's mode back

Warzone 2 is set to release next month, so it won't be long until we get our hands on the latest generation of Call of Duty's Battle Royale mode. But first, we have Modern Warfare 2 , not the old one, but the new one, and it is not a remake. It's a reboot sequel that will be released on October 28.

The change, predictably, divided gamers down the middle. Some commended Activision  for creating a lighthearted update that wasn't scared to mock itself. Others said that developers shouldn't be wasting time on comedy patches when the game still needs serious fixes.

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