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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II 2022 may include R6 Siege-like game mode

Published: 07:48, 03 January 2022
Call of Duty Modern Warfare II logo mockup
Call of Duty Modern Warfare II logo mockup

Infinity Ward are reportedly working on "Attackers v. Defenders" mode for the rumoured Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, which is scheduled for 2022.

Call of Duty leaker Ralph has dropped another fresh batch of information about the next Call of Duty game, which is rumoured to be a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2019. 

According to the new info, Infinity Ward have a brand new game mode in the works codenamed "Attackers v. Defenders". This new mode seems to be quite similar to Rainbow Six Siege with close-quarters combat maps, rounds, the ability to revive and a time limit to complete objectives.

Here's the breakdown of the new info:

  • Map — Similar in fashion to Call of Duty 4’s CQB Test. Though, much larger in scale.
  • Attackers — Each player is assigned a role per a general vote, with one nominated Team Leader. 
  • Defenders — To methodise a plan to slow down, or entirely halt the Attackers; utilising hidden locations, boobytraps and cameras ⁃ Destruction plays a major role - you’ll be able to fortify, and defend the positioned objective.
  • Objective — Reach or Defend Objectives designated area
  • Between each passing round, all teams will be given a Debrief period - allowing for roster reform. 
  • Condition System — Minor, Critically Injured, Mortally Wounded.
  • Attackers are privileged with ‘Tourniquets’ to aide fallen teammates 
  • Depending on the condition, it’ll take time to revive teammates; slowing and endangering your Squad.
  • Time Limit to complete objective

Activision Call of Duty: Modern Warfare screenshot showing a dark alley Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Those who played Modern Warfare 2019 will probably remember the incredible Clean House mission which could serve as an inspiration for this realistic new mode. Though, we are yet to get the official details and it's entirely possible that Infinity Ward have something a bit different in mind.

Until this is confirmed, take the details with a grain of salt, just like any other rumour or leak. 

Source: Twitter

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