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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) details leak: Campaign, maps, multiplayer, gunsmith and more

Published: 09:28, 03 November 2021
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Modern Warfare open beta will offer a lot of carnage

Captain Price and the team return in Modern Warfare 2, a rumoured Call of Duty title for 2022, which is bringing back iconic maps, characters and more.

Even though this year's Call of Duty game is yet to launch, we have some details about the next game, which is rumoured to be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, scheduled to launch in 2022. 

The story is reportedly focusing on drug cartel wars and will bring back iconic Modern Warfare characters such as Captain Price, Soap, Roach and Ghost. Additionally, multiplayer will feature beloved maps like Favela, Terminal and many others. 

The leaker Ralph also dropped a ton of details about gunsmith, Warzone integration and many other features so without further ado, let's dive into it.

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  • Request and assist options during room clearances missions
  • First mission: Infiltrating what’s assumed to be a safe house cell holding information on drug lord, of an international crime syndicate based in Ciudad Juarez
  • Second mission:  TF141’s vehicle are ambushed by heavy fire from an unknown position
  • The Player character is visibly scared stiff: trembling during ADS, panting, and swallowing, which triggers a sequence where the weapon jams.
  • Barry Sloane returns as Cpt. Price, Ghost, General Shepherd, Soap and Roach return


  • Extraction type mode, Floor is Lava mode, Uplink mode, Hostage mode
  • Ricochet Perk (Grants special ammunition that ricochets off of surfaces), Bounty Hunter Perk
  • Field upgrades return
  • Returning maps: Favela, Terminal, Highrise, Shipment, Quarry


  • Assault Rifles: MK47, DT MDR, Beretta ARX-160, AK
  • SMG: MP5K, MP9, MP7, UMP45, Vz.61 
  • Marksman Rifles: Kel-Tec RFB, M110 SASS 
  • Shotguns: SPAS-12, Savage M24 
  • Pistols: AMT Hardballer, Beretta, CZ P-09 
  • Snipers: BFG-50, CheyTac Intervention Lever action: Winchester 92, Browning BLR, Savage M99


  • Prop Hunt LTM 
  • A new level of Verticality 
  • Ladder field upgrade 
  • Map to be made up of a blend of MW2 Maps and New POI’s (desert-themed map) 
  • Mil Mi-24 (Helicopter) 
  • Perks for Purchase at buy station 
  • Ranked mode
  • Destructible environments


  •  Live weapon inspect and customisation (similar to BF 2042 but more comprehensive)
  • Rusty Camo (progressive) - dependant on overall kills you get, your weapon becomes visibly worn
  • Improved Gunsmith with different calibres and attachments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the original series

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


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