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Call of Duty Mobile debuts new Poltergeist battle royale class

Published: 13:48, 22 May 2020
Call of Duty Mobile, there's a Poltergeist here...somewhere
Call of Duty Mobile, there's a Poltergeist here...somewhere

Call of Duty Mobile has officially debuted the new Poltergeist battle royale class, and as you could've guessed from the name - it's all about proverbial smoke and mirrors.

"The Poltergeist deceives opponents with its cloaking device, appearing first here and then suddenly there to all but the most eagle-eyed opponents", Activision wrote. 

Call of Duty Mobile's new class boasts Active Camo cloaking ability that makes them almost invisible, helping players move across the map undetected. Note the "almost invisible" part, as you'll still be detectable once you're close enough, so bear that in mind.

Quite conveniently, Poltergeist's second ability is called Voidwalker, and it boosts your running and walking speed while cloaked. The two make for quite the combo as they let you reposition quickly, which is sure to be lethal in the right hands. 

The abilities are not infinite though, as Active Camo takes about a minute to charge up, but it's still enough to have it ready several times in a Call of Duty Mobile match. Note that firing while cloaked immediately deactivates your camouflage, so you better be sure of that kill before you lean on the trigger.

Unlocking the Poltergeist is done by selecting going to the Featured section in the Event tab, where you'll find all the tasks you need to complete.  

Activision Ghost and another operator on Call of Duty Mobile promo image Call of Duty Mobile

Activision posted five nifty tips for Call of Duty Mobile players who are keen on perfecting Poltergeist, and these are:

  1. Remember that the Poltergeist’s Active Camo ability only provides near invisibility, not total invisibility. The closer you are to an enemy player while cloaked, the more likely they are to spot you. Choose your timing wisely.
  2.  Looting and fighting near the edge of the circle? Save Active Camo until it starts collapsing, and then activate it when it’s time to move — just make sure you find a building or some other cover before your cloak runs out. Plus, the Voidwalker ability will increase your speed to help you outrun the circle.
  3. Use Active Camo to cloak yourself when you run into a group of enemies fighting each other. Let them inflict damage on one another while you get in position to wipe them all out.
  4. Bait the enemy. Let them see you and then take cover where they’ll come after you. Use Active Camo to make a getaway while they waste their time searching for you or to reposition and flank them as they’re distracted.
  5. We said it before and it bears repeating again: shoot your weapon and the cloak de-activates. The Poltergeist is all about the setup. Get into position, wait for the right moment, and attack.
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