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Bungie reveals Destiny 2's Titan Behemoth subclass

Published: 07:14, 04 September 2020
Destiny 2 - Titan Stasis
Destiny 2 - Titan Stasis

Bungie revealed Behemoth's tools in Destiny 2: Beyond Light where new abilities might be available but old habits remain the same.

Titans will be getting new Stasis abilities just like Warlocks and Hunters, come Beyond Light, but the way they apply them remains ever the same. While Hunters will be throwing around ice axes, Warlocks will utilise an icy wand, Titans will remain true to their nature and get a frozen fist to punch people with.

Out of speed, offensive and defensive capabilities, the Behemoth will focus on the latter two. Generating the icy crystals can go into defence by using them to block enemy fire or by generating them close to hostiles in order to freeze them.

Their new melee attack is called Shiver Strike that makes them lunge toward an enemy, propelled by a Stasis explosion. It sounds somewhat similar to the way Ballistic Slam works as the new ability will summon a Stasis gauntlet in mid-air and use it to slam an enemy "careening [them] backwards and slowing nearby enemies".

Glacial Quake, the Super ability, will give the Titan a more persistent icy gauntlet, after which they can slam the ground to send shockwaves that form Stasis crystals which freeze nearby enemies. The Super also covers them in Stasis crystals, reducing incoming damage drastically while enhancing melee attacks.

Freezing enemies with this roaming Super can be immediately exploited by shattering them by either sliding or sprinting through the newly made icicles.

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