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Bungie are forcing a Destiny 2 player to pay for previous refunds

Published: 09:37, 30 October 2018
Updated: 11:33, 30 October 2018
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Bungie have attempted to bring back some players with the Forsaken expansion, which may have worked somewhat, but it seems their customer support staff are looking to do the exact opposite as they force players to pay for refunds.

Bungie are no stranger to that go against the players' interests, but they did promise to become more transparent and fair to their users. The latest developments offer evidence to the contrary though, as a player was first denied the Silver they purchased and then forced to pay money in order to get nothing.

Initially, TiSoBr purchased Silver on several occasions, but never received the currency even though the transaction went through. Upon TiSoBr's inquiry about what happened to the currency, Bungie offered no solution, with the customer ending up with €29,96 less on their bank account and no Silver on their game account.

Further microtransactions happened, and by the end of it, TiSoBr was supposed to have 5000 Silver, with an additional 1000 bonus that should have happened due to pre-ordering Forsaken and the Annual Pass. Needless to say, none of this Silver made it to the user account and the farce eventually continued after TiSoBr contacted Blizzard support for help, and they refunded all the money.

This should have been the end of it, but for some reason Bungie also detracted Silver currency from the account, even though they never added any. This resulted in TiSoBr's account going into negatives, -5800 Silver to be exact. 

Blizzard then offered an account wipe and a brand new account that would have no negative currency, but that would also mean the loss of any progress and unlocks. On the other hand, Bungie support offered no possible solutions whatsoever and all the pleas fell on deaf ears.

One Reddit user raised a point that it's possible TiSoBr accidentally bought the currency for the original Destiny, which the latter denied but even then it would make no sense if Silver was bought for the original game and detracted from the Destiny 2 account.

Another user pointed out a they had with EA support, which actually resulted in EA simply adding the missing funds to the player's account. The transaction went through successfully later on, which added the same amount of funds, at no additional cost. Considering the fault was on EA's end, they let the user keep the additional currency, free of charge.

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It really paints a terrible picture when even EA of all entities lets money slip out of their pockets due to their own fault, but Bungie attempt to force the player to pay the refunds back in order to gain access to the store once again.

And yes, that would mean the player until they pay around €60 again, in order to get out of the negative Silver balance. TiSoBr would need to pay more money on top of that in order to actually get enough silver to purchase something. The player has submitted an additional ticket and is waiting to see the results at the time of writing.

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