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Overwatch's next balance patch to throw Brigitte into trash tier

Published: 17:04, 19 July 2019
Updated: 18:01, 19 July 2019
Briggite, one of the heroes from Blizzard's co-op shooter Overwatch

Blizzard updated Overwatch's test server (PTR) with the newest set of balance changes along with the forced 2-2-2 role lock. The highlight is probably another series of nerfs to Brigitte who will be a bottom feeder with no survivability.

Brigitte has been getting nerfs for a while now, in large part thanks to the infamous GOATs composition but also because many players found her annoying in casual queues. Now it seems like Blizzard decided to put a few nails in her coffin with the next patch.

The PTR update brought a bunch of balance changes, with Brigitte taking the brunt of the nerfs. Her passive, Inspire, now heals 30 per cent more but only other allies. Her self-healing has been reduced by 35 per cent. In exact numbers, it heals allies for 130 while Brigitte gets 65 health.

Repair Pack is no longer a burst heal. Now it has three charges and heals 150 health over two seconds instead of 120 instantly. Throwing multiple packs on the same target will extend the duration by two seconds each time.

Whip Shot has been buffed since it travels faster now but it's slower on the way back. It should be the same time expenditure to get it back overall but it will be easier to hit due to better travel speed.

Probably the hardest nerf is to Brigitte's Barrier. Now it has only 200 health instead of 500. Good luck surviving anything with any kind of sustained damage. At least she still has Shield Bash. Technically, she does but it now stuns for 0.75 seconds instead of 0.90. 

It is probably too early to say definitively but these changes do look a tad too harsh. Brigitte is not the only one that got nerfed though.

Blizzard Picture of the Scientist Moira in Overwatch Overwatch - Scientist Moira

Sombra saw nerfs as well as all ultimates in general, which will take 12 per cent longer to charge up now.

Meanwhile, Moira saw a bonkers buff. She can now use Fade even when stunned. It's a major blow to Reinhardt's ultimate as well as anyone who hoped to burst her down before she can escape.

The big German rectangle simulator got a different buff though - a passive named Steadfast that reduces all knockbacks on him by 30 per cent. 

There is a whole list of other balance changes we didn't mention here but you can check them out on the .


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