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Borderlands 3 will add special events and raids for free

Published: 11:58, 06 May 2019
Updated: 12:00, 06 May 2019
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Borderlands 3

According to Borderlands 3 lead boss designer Matt Cox, there will be a lot of free, post-launch content in the upcoming looter-shooter, including special events and raids. Borderlands 3 will also offer four paid story expansions.

Borderlands 3 is still months away from its release but that's not stopping players to start discussions about the game's endgame content and paid and free expansions. As expected, Borderlands 3 will follow the same path as its predecessor when it comes to DLCs, meaning, there will be plenty of them. 

According to Borderlands 3 lead boss designer Matt Cox, who talked to VG24/7, Borderlands 3 will add special events and raids in free post-launch updates but will also offer a lot of paid DLCs, just like Borderlands 2.

He confirmed that players have nothing to worry about and that both free and paid content won't be lacking in the upcoming looter shooter. However, Gearbox Software won't talk about these just yet, understandably so, the game is still a long way from release. Cox did confirm that more details about the endgame will be shared with players on the world's biggest gaming expo - E3, which takes place in June 2019.

Gearbox Software and 2K Games are yet to confirm their press conference on E3, and at this point, it would be really surprising if they held one. Therefore, it's expected that Microsoft's show becomes the place to show Borderlands 3 once again and talk about the endgame and DLCs.

Cox also confirmed that four big story expansions will arrive to Borderlands 3 but again, he did not share additional details about these. For more news on Borderlands 3, check out the latest comments from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford on monetisation and , which caused a lot of confusion in the last few days.

Gearbox Software Picture of Zane from Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 - Zane

Also, Gearbox plan to remove some words from the game, including the term midget in an effort to be more sensitive. More on that .

Borderlands 3 release date is set for 13 September 2019, the game will arrive to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Borderlands 3 is an Action RPG by Gearbox Software

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