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Bandai Namco's anime MMORPG Blue Protocol looks stunning in new trailer

Published: 13:09, 07 February 2020
Updated: 16:27, 07 February 2020
Bandai Namco
Blue Protocol screenshot showing combat
Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's anime-like RPG

Anime-like MMORPG Blue Protocol has a new trailer, showcasing impressive visuals and combat. The publisher Bandai Namco also shared some new details about closed beta test.

You probably have never heard of Bandai Namco's anime-like MMORPG Blue Protocol since the game has not been officially announced for the western market. However, many players are hoping that the publisher Bandai Namco release the English version sometime after the launch of the Japanese version. suggested that Bandai Namco are indeed planning to release the game in the UK, US and Australia but until we get the official confirmation, we have a brand new trailer to look at.

As expected, the trailer is in Japanese but that can't stop you from enjoying some gorgeous-looking locations and flashy abilities. The game's visual style reminds a lot of Ni No Kuni games, which is certainly a good thing. 

Along with the new trailer, Bandai Namco also revealed closed beta date details. The sign-ups for the closed beta test will kick off on 12 February 2020, while the test will officially start sometime in late March 2020. The beta test will run for 4 days and more details about the exact start and end times will be revealed soon. 

Blue Protocol is currently in development by Bandai Namco Online and Bandai Namco Studios, exclusively for PC. The official release date is yet to be announced. You can find more details about the game on its .

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