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Blizzard confirms multiple Diablo projects in the works

Published: 18:50, 08 August 2018
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Diablo 3 - 'Darkening of Tristram' event

Even though BlizzCon isn't until November, Blizzard have already fired up their hype grinders with interesting news which we'll sum up for you - there are multiple Diablo projects being worked on and they'll probably tease one at BlizzCon.

Yeah, Blizzard's community manager Brandy Camel said "multiple Diablo projects" are in the works, so we're talking about more than one. At the same time, this would corroborate most of the rumours we've heard so far.

Firstly, there's Blizzard's own tease back from 28 February 2018, when they teased Diablo III for Nintendo Switch by tweeting a Diablo shaped lamp, which they turn off - . Mean? Probably. Funny? Of course it was.

There was little to go by since, as Blizzard probably decided to keep it quiet. However, one thing is for certain - the Switch would be a prime expansion platform for Blizzard, not least for Diablo co-op opportunities, an area where Switch seems to excel. There were later confirmations that the Switch version is not only not a rumour, but that it's already in production, although we cannot confirm this at the moment.

Eagle eyed users have caught Blizzard hunting for fresh blood and only recently . Both of the times were reserved for Diablo, with the first round focusing on character artists and designers. The second round was focusing on a person who would concept, model and texture assets from "the dark gothic world of Diablo".

At the time, I thought Blizzard is amping up support for the Switch but it seems that the company had its sights set even higher. Of course, Camel did say that some of these projects will take longer than others, which basically means that project everyone wants to see will remain in the shadows for the time being.

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Diablo II launched back in 2000, lasting 8 years before Diablo III came to take up the mantle. Going by numbers alone, it would stand to reason Blizzard are slowly setting us up for Diablo IV but they're bound to slip us more come BlizzCon.

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