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Blizzard unveil Overwatch hero Sigma as eccentric astrophysicist

Published: 08:20, 23 July 2019
Overwatch's Hero 31, an astrophysicist called Sigma
Overwatch, Sigma

There's been plenty of speculation since Jeff from the Overwatch team announced that Hero 31 will arrive a bit later than usual, but Blizzard have now rolled out a trailer, which is likely the darkest origin story of all Overwatch's heroes.

When it comes to cutscenes, trailers and general animation, we've learned to expect big from Blizzard, what with much of their work permanently etched into our minds, but Overwatch has usually stuck to a more Disney-esque vibe.

Well, no more, as Sigma is one dark dude. "Peek inside the mind of an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he's been turning into a living weapon", Blizzard wrote. 

Judging by the comments underneath Sigma's origin trailer, many players agree that it was about time Overwatch had a villain that isn't just about good looks and funny quips, as fun as they may be.

There seems to be some Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein sprinkled over Sigma's character, but it's just a pinch. That's just fine by us, as the milking of mysterious physicists for shoddy entertainment purposes has too often been a catastrophe.

Anywhoo, Overwatch's new hero has been meddling with the forces he should not have been meddling with, and seems to have stumbled on some temporal, i.e. time-related, capabilities.

As you can see from the trailer, Sigma seems to be shifting timelines like it's nobody's business, although we're yet to see how the Overwatch team have gone about implementing it in-game.

There's also the gravity thing, so if we had to guess, we'd say that there's either some blinking or lifting going on. According to our darling Jeff from the Overwatch team, will come a bit early, while Hero 31 will arrive a bit later than usual, but it's still close enough.

Blizzard Overwatch's Hero 31, a.k.a. Sigma Overwatch, Sigma

In a recent stream with Seagull, Jeff teased some cryptic details about , and after some initial shock, he got comfortable and teased a bit with some admissions of Sigma being a "mystery" to him.

Either way here's to Sigma. Also, how long will it take for the Ligma joke crowd to latch onto him?

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