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Blizzard reveal the first three Overwatch Archives 2019 skins

Published: 01:19, 12 April 2019
Picture of the Scientist Moira in Overwatch
Overwatch - Scientist Moira

Blizzard have revealed the first three new skins coming to Overwatch with Archives 2019, known as Rising Storm. Moira, Junkrat and Baptiste are the recipients but six more skins that are yet to be revealed with just three days left.

Moira's skin seen above is called Scientist Moira and it will be a Legendary one just like the other two revealed so far. This means the skins will cost 3,000 gold to unlock for the duration of the event but will likely be discounted to 1,000 next year.

The Scientist Moira skin refers to her earlier days while she was still either working on her own or for Blackwatch as this is the way she was depicted when experimenting on Gabriel Reyes, later known as Reaper.

Baptiste's skin takes another support back to his past days and incidentally or not, his timeline is like a reverse of Moira's. Talon Baptiste depicts him during his days with the shady organisation that he has left later on due to not seeing eye to eye with their approach to ethics.

Meanwhile, Moira used to work on her own and later for Blackwatch but was happy to join Talon for exactly that reason - there were no ethics in sight and she was free to experiment as she pleased.

Talon Baptiste bears the signature Talon colour scheme with black, white and red in a few places. It is currently unknown whether Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy will encounter him as an NPC during their mission to apprehend Maximilien though.

The only one so far that is not going back to his past, or at least not any so-far-revealed past, is Junkrat. This incorrigible explosive spammer will get a rather colourful skin that is named Circus Junkrat.

Blizzard Picture of the Talon Baptiste skin in Overwatch Overwatch - Talon Baptiste

Blizzard never mentioned Junkar being in a circus before, but given his borderline insanity, it is not excluded they could add a bit of circus lore to his file. One particularly interesting detail about this skin is on his tire - the side of it resembles the legendary Pacman.

Blizzard Picture of Circus Junkrat skin in Overwatch Overwatch - Circus Junkrat

It appears that Blizzard are only 33 per cent done with revealing the new skins though as there are nine to be revealed in total and there are only three days to reveal them.

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