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Blizzard are pulling Overwatch paid loot boxes from Belgium

Published: 11:10, 28 August 2018
Updated: 15:06, 28 August 2018
Blizzard Entertainment
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Overwatch - Ghost Sarah Kerrigan Widowmaker Skin

Belgium isn't stepping down from the fight with gambling in video games industry as Belgian Gaming Commission published a report that deemed Overwatch loot boxes gambling. Blizzard are now forced to remove them entirely from the game.

Blizzard have officially addressed their playerbase over the forums where they explained that loot boxes are illegal in Belgium now and they will have to remove them from Overwatch.

For some reason, Blizzard stated they are surprised by this decision, as if they weren't peddling means of gambling to underage citizens of Belgium, and the rest of the world for that matter. RNG and various operant conditioning are a core part of their game design ever since the Diablo II days, so it's somewhat hard to understand the company pulling a What? Us? ... But, but why?.

They quickly assumed the role of victim as they stated that as a result, the company "had no choice but to implement measures that will prevent Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm players located in Belgium from purchasing in-game loot boxes and loot chests with real money and gems".

It is interesting how they are gradually shifting the blame on Belgian Gaming Commission, as if it's them preventing the players from enjoying Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm to full potential. The "no choice" part is absolutely wrong, as Blizzard definitely has a choice. They can make in-game items purchasable directly with money, but let's face it - loot boxes are more profitable thanks to their inherent predatory nature.

Poor Blizzard have decided to valiantly defend their player base against corrupt governments which seek to ruin their online casinos, by stating they want their players around the world to have the best entertainment possible. Huh, one would think being able to purchase skins without throwing money at RNG would be more enjoyable and less frustrating.

Blizzard The standard loot box in Overwatch Overwatch - Loot Box

The company has they will remain "open for discussion with the Belgian Gaming Comission and Ministry of Justice" on the topic of loot boxes. Let's hope the Belgian government doesn't share the sentiment and remains firm in their decision to purge loot boxes from video games.

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