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Blizzard explains why only three heroes are coming to OW2 after all this time

Published: 14:16, 27 June 2022
Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Fans recently had the chance to find out why Blizzard is adding only three new heroes at Overwatch 2 launch even though the original game went almost three years without any additions.

Blizzard has had a rough ride with Overwatch 2 thus far and one of the reasons is the content draught the transition caused for the original Overwatch . New maps were a rare occurrence and even then, they wouldn't be added for the regular playlist rotation. 

Meanwhile, it will be over two and a half years of new hero draught when Overwatch 2 actually launches and we will get only three heroes after all that time. Therefore, it wasn't unexpected for fans to ask the devs at the recent Reddit AMA about the peculiar number .

According to Aaron Keller and Kacey Helms, the main reason here is that the team didn't want to shovel out half baked heroes and wanted to create the ones that are memorable. In other words, quality over quantity.

Since this was the case before as well and the frequency of hero releases was better, you might be asking what changed. Helms clarified that while new heroes require a lot of work in various departments, the team also had to visually rework the existing 33 heroes. The devs wanted to do this task properly as well so they chose not to compromise the quality of their reworks for additional releases.

Blizzard Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo


Granted, OW2 looks like it could have just been called a major update but the "sequel" does overhaul the monetisation infrastructure, adds PvE and as mentioned before - reworks the existing heroes so not having 10 new heroes at release seems fairly understandable. Keep in mind that not all reworks are only visual either. Doomfist and Orisa, for example, got gameplay overhauls and Symmetra is getting a similar treatment soon.

As for the hero arrivals after OW2 launch, it appears we will be getting a new one every nine weeks, in the same timeline it takes for a new season to pop up.

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