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Blizzard cutting perks as CEO Morhaime leaves the company

Published: 08:48, 04 October 2018
Updated: 09:43, 16 November 2018
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As news came that Blizzard's head honcho and one of its co-founders, Mike Morhaime, is leaving the company after serving as president and CEO for longer than they were called Blizzard, word came out that Blizzard are already cutting perks.

It turns out that according to provisions in the Blizzard Holiday Plan, Morhaime's salary in 2018 would've been higher by around $369,000 and that's just one of the perks he enjoyed.

Apparently, the company also had a Blizzard Profit Sharing Plan, which makes sure that employees' fortunes are directly tied to how their games do. It is said that Blizzard had a specially tailored profit sharing plan for Morhaime, which should've been even more lucrative.

Blizzard have apparently already removed the Holiday Plan perk and made it retroactively include 2018. All employees subject to the extra sum have been compensated via salary payments, which is how the news came out to begin with.

As for 2017, Morhaime made $12.3 million in salaries and bonuses, which is a pretty penny that almost matches Activision Blizzard's CEO pay. If nothing else, it does well to underline Morhaime's importance to the company.

The man has actually been with the company since it was dubbed Silicon & Synapse back in 1991, all through to the Warcraft and Starcraft days. With that sort of loyalty becoming a dying breed though, we guess $360K could easily be considered peanuts.

He was heavily involved in the making of every Warcraft, including WoW, which has increased Blizzard's wealth to an insane degree. The game still remains as one of the most addictive and prime pieces of gaming real estate, not to mention the company's most profitable game, ever. Not that they've made many to rival WoW's success since then, but nevertheless.

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Note that Morhaime won't be completely leaving the company he helped build, as he'll stay aboard in an advisory role. However, his other duties will be relinquished, with the names of potential replacement candidates still being speculated about.

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