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Black Sea Games teases first post-CryTek project

Published: 09:30, 04 June 2017
Updated: 13:38, 03 July 2017
Black Sea Games - Mystery strategy title

After going independent following last year's Cry Tek shrinkage Bulgarian studio Black Sea Games is now sharing the first hints of its current project. Looks like a medieval strategy title.

Naming and renaming, especially with the recent trend of giving reboots and titles the same name as the original is quite a pain. Telxvi is at a bit of a loss right now, not knowing if he should refer to the formerly Cry Tek owned Cry tek Black Sea as Black Sea Games, as it is listed in their newsletters and Facebook page, or rather trust Wikipedia (rarely a good idea) and call them Creative Assembly Sofia.

What actually happened is that Cry Tek Sofia has spawned two separate companies. A part of it went on to create Black Sea Games, with another part moving on to become part of Creative Assembly.

Either way, since the ownership shuffle back in late 2016 and early 2017, the now independent Black Sea Games, was far from idle. A first screenshot of their current, still unnamed, project and some artwork for it are now up for display.

BlackSea Black Sea Games - Unnamed upcoming strategy title Black Sea Games - Unnamed upcoming strategy title

There is little doubt that we are looking at a strategy game, but details about its name or gameplay features are still scarce. Good thing that the Bulgarian studio prefers working to hype-building.

What the studio did share however are some musings about how middle age armies managed support and logistics during their campaigns.

Support and supply are usually an afterthought with strategy games set in this period, and are mechanically represented in quite a simplified manner. Might Black Sea Games be aiming to remedy this?

"The game, its name and key features will be officially announced later this summer", the studio announced today.

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