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Black Desert Online reveals a new class, Hashashin

Published: 23:16, 06 July 2020
Updated: 23:19, 06 July 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Online - Hashashin
Black Desert Online - Hashashin

Pearl Abyss revealed a new class to Black Desert Online, called Hashashin. As the name suggests, he has something to do with assassins and their roots.

Hashashin is the name by which the Arabian order of assassins was known as Marco Polo understood the name to be connected to hashish. That is not the root that connects BDO's Hashashin to the real-world counterparts though. Instead, it's his appearance, weaponry and passive abilities.

Pearl Abyss described him as a melee fighter that uses the Shamshir, commonly known as a weapon from the scimitar family or simply curved sword in the west. As you probably know by now, it used to be preferred by the Arabian armsmen back in the early centuries of the second millennium.

Besides the sword, Hashsashin employs sandstorms as both an escape tool and crowd control for his enemies. Furthermore, this class has minor passives that make him more proficient in the desert. He will travel faster in the desert and has better resistance to desert diseases than the other classes.

As per usual, he can also be Awakened and grow stronger but Pearl Abyss didn't reveal what his hidden power will be here. They did show his Apostle's Descent skill on the video below.

Besides that, Hashashin can find a memory of a specific place and invoke a sandstorm that will let him teleport there. This ability is limited by range though so you can't jump all over the world.

Additionally, this class can create sandstorms to chase enemies or ambush them from above. There is also a video of Hashashin in action.

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