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Shadow Arena enters closed beta via Steam

Published: 21:31, 27 February 2020
Pearl Abyss
Shadow Arena
Shadow Arena

Black Desert Online's battle royale spin off, Shadow Arena, has entered the closed beta on Steam, working its way towards the 2020 release on PC. It will be available for almost two weeks.

Pearl Abyss launched the closed beta for Shadow Arena. Those familiar with Black Desert Online will likely have a better footing compared to the players who are new to the title.

Shadow Arena will pit 40 players against each other and incorporate PvE elements as they are trying to come out on top. As you probably figured out by now, since this game has roots in an MMO, the NPC enemies will serve as the sources of loot and buffs which makes it a bit more interesting than just finding the drops randomly on the floor.

The game does mimic the battle royale genre in other aspects though, such as the win condition which is being the last one standing on the battlefield. In the case of duos, at least one of person from the pair will have to outlive the rest of the fighters.

Players can choose between nine characters, each of whom have their unique traits and the beta test will feature a brand new one - Badal the Golden. He is a melee fighter that relies on self-provided buffs and beating the enemies down with his own fists. 

According to Pearl Abyss, matchmaking is entirely skill based, meaning that better performances bring greater challenge in the subsequent matches. Additionally, those who prefer to hone their skills without altering their matchmaking rating will have the opportunity to try out the practice mode where they can give each of the characters a shot.

Pearl Abyss artwork showing Shadow Arena beta dates Shadow Arena beta dates

Shadow Arena was originally integrated into Black Desert but it didn't fare well. This prompted the developers to develop it into a standalone title which will hopefully have a brighter future. The full version is slated for release in the first half of 2020.

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