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Biomutant's character creation tool lets you 'recode' your character's DNA

Published: 15:12, 20 February 2018
THQ Nordic
Hero from Biomutant posing with his sword on his shoulder

Biomutant is an upcoming open world action RPG. The game's story is centered around a tree players need to save. The character creation tool will allow for various character mutations.

Biomutant is an upcoming open world action RPG currently under development by Experiment 101. The game was revealed at last year's Gamescom, and studio head Stefan Ljungqvist recently went a little deeper into the game's contents and its character creator.

According to Ljungqvist, the world of  is centered around a huge tree that has five roots. The roots stretch out into different corners of the world, and each has a boss at the end. 

THQ Nordic Hero from Biomutant attacking a much bigger creature Biomutant

The "root bosses" are poisoning the tree and you have to defeat the in order to save your world. Your actions during the game and the way you go about killing these bosses will determine the game's outcome.

Biomutant's character creation was one of the first things we learned about. According to the devs, the game will let you ahem, mutate your character in a number of ways until it suits your play style.

The character creation tool features a hex grid and some sliders that you'll use to adjust your character's stats as well as its looks. Biomutant calls this "recoding" and it will result in a different fur shape and colour, as well as the size of certain body parts. No, not like in Conan Exiles.

Another important mechanic in Biomutant is crafting. Mr Ljungqvist suggested that there are hundreds of thousands of different possible variations. Such high number is explained with the fact that players can customize different parts of a weapon.

THQ Nordic Red creature from Biomutant sitting on a rock with its sword beside it Biomutant

that came out of PAX East showcased Biomutant's gameplay and style. Let's just hope the finished product has less cutscenes. 

One more neat piece of information is that the game will have a seasonal system, dynamic weather, and a more general climate cycle. Ljungqvist described the fighting style of the animals in Biomutant as "chicken-fu" and "gun-fu".

THQ Nordic went and the game's developer - Experiment 101 last year. The company celebrated this year's Valentine's Day by also acquiring .

Biomutant is set to release sometime in 2018 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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