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Biomutant showcased in 25 minute video

Published: 08:58, 05 September 2017
Updated: 09:03, 05 September 2017
Experiment 101

A lengthy Biomutant gameplay video, showcasing some 25 initial minutes of the game has courteously been provided to IGN by THQ Nordic. The game looks to be firmly in console territory in terms of design, with gameplay similar to Breath of the Wild.

An unusual art-style, an open-world, some action RPG mechanics, and a subtle sense of humour seem to be what Biomutant will be aiming for once it gets released sometime in 2018.

Experiment 101 Biomutant Biomutant

Biomutant will have you saving the world as a genetically unstable rodent armed with blades, crowbars and firearms. The gameplay video showcases what seem to be most of the game's core mechanics. A particularly interesting thing is what looks like some sort of choice meter adding positive or negative points towards some effect or the other. Could it be that such a cute looking game will allow the player to destroy the world and not just save it? 

One thing is for certain, whether you chose to save the world or destroy it, you can definitely piss on it - as that seems to be the way in which protagonist rodent ticks of territory checkpoints. Oh, and there is also something that looks like a hand shaped tank or vehicle of some sort.

Experiment 101 Biomutant Biomutant

Biomutant is being developed by Sweedish studio headed by former Avalanche Studios director Stefan Ljungqvist, and is set to release for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018. It's worth keeping in mind that the title seems to be designed with a console-first mindset, but we will know whether that is the case once the game launches next year.


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