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Biomutant will take minimum 10 hours to complete with current map size

Published: 11:32, 06 July 2020
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Red creature from Biomutant sitting on a rock with its sword beside it

In a recent interview, studio head of Experiment 101 Stefan Ljungqvist shed some light on Biomutant's underlying combat and morality systems, map size and more.

The team apparently drew inspiration from everything from Kung Fu Panda to John Woo's Gun Fu technique, but Ljungqvist insists that everything in Biomutant is secondary to gameplay and their motto, "Weird, in a good way". 

Players are cast into a world that is dying and the choices you'll end up making will stick with you, for better or for worse. 

"Basically, there’s three main parts to our story – who you are as a character, your relation to the survivors and six tribes of the world, and how your actions affects that and the state of the world, as represented by the Tree of Life at the center of the world which is currently under attack by five World Eaters gnawing at its roots", he said. "The state and combination of these three main parts will determine your personal ending of the game"

Players will rely on the combination of martial arts and gunplay, each heavily customisable so that you can tailor your experience to your liking. Extensive crafting options and additional elemental options should ensure you're never out of new loadouts to try.

Thankfully, Biomutant won't lock you into your character and lets you respec throughout the game. With a ton of common, uncommon, rare and legendary gear to be found, you're likely to find a reason to. 

Ljungqvist says that the main storyline path can be completed in 10 hours but Biomutant's map is 8x8km in size, so there will be plenty to explore. 

Experinemt101 Biomutant racoon-fox-squirl animal about to attack what looks like a scrib Biomutant

".here is a lot of tactical choices to be made once you’ve found parts to realise your preferred style/mix of gameplay. Here’s where our deep crafting system comes into play. And don’t forget, PSI-powers (X-Men Style) and Biomutations (physical) will also play a part in your creative toolset for combat", he said. 

You can find the interview here .

Biomutant is an action RPG from Experiment 101

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