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Bethesda's Starfield images may have just leaked

Published: 08:41, 28 September 2020
Astronaut looking at a space station, presumably from Starfield
Starfield's presumably leaked in-game shot

When it comes to Bethesda's upcoming video game Starfield, we've pretty much only seen the announcement screen, but some new images surfaced and it looks like they're from the game.

The images popped up on Imgur image hosting service, and while they admittedly ain't much, it's more than Bethesda cared to share. 

Granted, we cannot confirm the authenticity of the photos just yet, but for what it's worth - it looks like they very well could be. Then again, do take it with a grain of salt until we can be certain it's Starfield.

The first photo is that of an astronaut on what appears to be a space station and while it' could've easily be a satellite or some other space contraption, the other image provides some additional clues. 

As you can see, it is indeed a space station. We'd say it could be a gigantic spacecraft, but there don't appear to be any thrusters - it's mostly pods of some sort. 

If we were to speculate, we'd go on a limb and say this isn't the only space station in Starfield. We're purely basing this on Bethesda's fondness of crafting huge worlds, but it's a bit difficult to judge the exact scale from the bits and pieces. It does, however, look like it could be pretty huge. Starfield's alleged space station Starfield's (alleged) space station

There's also a closer image of Starfield's alleged HUD element, the same one you can see in the bottom left corner of the image above. It has indicators for O2 and CO2, some sort of altitude or floor indicator, and what appears to be a time-of-day indicator shown in the moon rotation manner.

You can find the images over at Imgur .

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