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Bethesda liken Fallout 76's future map expansions to Fallout 4

Published: 19:35, 09 December 2020
Fallout 76 - Tan Military Beret
Fallout 76 - Tan Military Beret

In a recent interview, Fallout 76's project lead Jeff Gardiner discussed the present and future of Bethesda's RPG and particularly how they plan to expand the game.

Even irradiated birds on trees know by now that Fallout 76 hasn't had the greatest of starts, something which Todd Howard himself conceded himself . Thankfully, the team kept toiling away and made substantial progress, culminating with the Wastelanders update.

"We've made efforts to make [Fallout 76] more community-friendly - to increase the ways and means and rewards for playing with other people - but to still serve our core fans, which are singleplayer gamers", Gardiner told RockPaperShotgun. 

"I just want to make sure that the people who love Bethesda games and love Fallout are getting the best experience out of this game", he added, and while we've delivered our fair share of Fallout 76 criticism, we're inclined to believe him here. 

Gardiner said he believes Bethesda are starting to succeed at that, and one cannot but applaud his honesty in the matter, especially after Fallout 76 caused more division than pineapple pizza. 

As for the future of Fallout 76, Gardiner and lead quest designer Brianna Schneider have different approaches, albeit converging at the same spot. Schneider says it's all about the untold stories of Wasteland, whereas Gardiner is more systems-oriented.

Bethesda Fallout 76 - Meat Week Fallout 76 - Meat Week

“We are looking at Expeditions to be a way to maybe do something off map. […] We have a big list of locations. We're settling in on one right now. So we are looking at those to be the ways for people to experience different areas of the Fallout universe”, he said, reminding that expansions that brought new open-world areas have traditionally been the most popular in Fallout 4. 

You can find the full interview here .

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