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Howard: I'd like to see more reactivity in games, not scale for scale's sake

Published: 09:03, 01 December 2020
Medusa-looking creature from The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online

Speaking in a recent interview, Bethesda's Todd Howard talked about a number of topics ranging from Fallout 76 to what he'd like to see more of in future games.

Howard spoke quite fondly of open-world games, pointing out that their popularity is due to the now well-recognised impact they have on players. 

"I think this is what games do best. They do geography well, they put you in another world. A lot of mediums can tell good stories, and some linear games do fantastic things. But for us, putting you in another world asking, what would you do here? What are the possibilities? That’s really what sets gaming apart from other forms of entertainment", he told Guardian.

Howard apparently didn't mince words in describing Fallout 76's launch, saying, "We let a lot of people down". The renowned franchise has been steadily returning to what made Bethesda's games great, but it's arguable whether they're there yet.

Reminding that even the act of turning on a device is time lost on not gaming, Bethesda's creative muscle shed some light on what he'd like to see in future games.

"I’d like to see more reactivity [in game worlds], more systems clashing together that players can express themselves with. I think chasing scale for scale’s sake is not always the best goal", Howard said.

Bethesda Fallout 76 - Brotherhood of Steel hero banner art Fallout 76 - Brotherhood of Steel

Howard is aware of the studio's reputation and perhaps even the expectation that comes with the name Bethesda, and he had an important takeaway from online games. 

"We have found that even if it’s multiplayer, whether it’s Elder Scrolls Online or Fallout 76, a large number of our players want to play it like a single-player game and not have the other players distract from it. Games handle multiplayer in different ways, and I think it all has merit", he said. 

You can find the full interview here .

Fallout 76 - Halloween 2020

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Fallout 76 - Halloween week 2

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