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Battlefield leaks breakdown: Legit or fan fiction?

Published: 08:59, 06 May 2021
battlefield 2021 screenshot showing island
Alleged Battlefield screenshot

Battlefield reveal is now imminent and while we wait for the official trailer, let's take a look at some of the most notable leaks that appeared over the last couple of months.

Most prominent Battlefield insider Tom Henderson has recently made a list of every Battlefield leak and rumour that has mostly been shared by the man himself. Henderson revealed the modern-day setting of the game, and a ton of gameplay details as well as info about the upcoming reveal trailer, which is reportedly coming this week.

Here's the breakdown of every leak and rumour, with the percentage of how confident the insider is about it.

  • Battlefield title is simply Battlefield (99 per cent)
  • Set in the near future, after Battlefield 4 (100 per cent)
  • Focusing on the USA vs Russia conflict (100 per cent)
  • Play as independent unit hired by USA or Russia (100 per cent)
  • Reveal trailer set in Japan (100 per cent)
  • Next-gen only and PC (90 per cent)
  • Cross-play (100 per cent)
  • Support for up to 128 players (95 per cent) Could be more
  • Dynamic weather (100 per cent)
  • Tornados, tsunamis, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanos (100 per cent)
  • Day/night cycle (90 per cent)
  • Epic destruction/ Levelution (100 per cent)
  • Free-to-play battle royale (95 per cent)
  • Returning maps (100 per cent)
  • Boston Dynamics robot dog (100 per cent)
  • Megalodon easter egg (100 per cent)
  • Day-one Game Pass release (99 per cent)
  • No campaign (51 per cent)
  • Soldiers to have perks/traits (100 per cent)
  • Crash landings (100 per cent)
  • Free DLC (100 per cent)
  • More than three years of support (100 per cent)
  • Server-based SBMM / Team balancing (100 per cent)

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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Battlefield V

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