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Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 rewards leaked

Published: 18:15, 09 December 2019
screenshot showing BAR LMG battlefield v
BAR LMG is the new weapon in Chapter 5

According to the latest leak, Battlefield V will give players a couple of new items to earn before the end of 2019. BAR LMG and a baseball bat have been spotted in the game files.

While Battlefield V players are still quite unhappy with the latest changes, which increased time to kill and added noob-friendly spotting, EA and Dice have a couple of brand new items in the pipeline to try and put out the fire.

Spotted in the game files by Battlefield V data miners, the upcoming rewards are BAR LMG and a baseball bat. These Chapter 5 rewards should arrive sometime next week but at the moment, there is nothing official from EA and Dice.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the baseball bat is a winter-themed item, to celebrate the Holidays, while the new LMG is officially named Pacific Palm (BAR M1918A2). Another interesting thing you can notice is the background on the LMG screenshot. It's the new Solomon Islands Jungle map that EA and Dice teased the map at the end of the latest Wake Island video.

It's possible that the new map is also coming pretty soon. Our guess would be that Dice and EA plan to introduce the new war zone in Chapter 6, but it's also possible that they surprise players and add the map as a Christmas gift.

Anyway, the update will also bring an optional weekly challenge that requires you to build one snowman in order to get the already mentioned epic melee weapon - the Christmas-themed Baseball Bat.

If these are indeed the items that are coming in the next update, then it shouldn't be long before Dice and EA officially announce the new additions.

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