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Battlefield V TTK increased again, players outraged

Published: 17:58, 06 December 2019
Battlefield V screenshot showing war in the pacific
Battlefield V gets a much needed content update

Battlefield V had a rough launch but DICE have been slowly garnering goodwill by fans ever since. They apparently decided to toss it all away now when they increased TTK again, for which they publicly apologised the first time around after players started protesting.

Battlefield V recently got an update that increased TTK while DICE attempted to obfuscate the fact by saying it wouldn't be as bad this time around since weapons with lower damage per bullet would get compensation via fire rate. That plan worked roughly as well as a Lego-filled shoe.

The first TTK change happened around the holiday season of 2018 so this one kicking in at roughly the same time is showing a pattern - EA want the newcomers to by having no reaction time after they get shot in the middle of a battlefield with no cover.

Making the game friendlier to newcomers didn't sit well with the community the first time and it's even worse this time around. The sentiment is amplified by DICE inexplicable decision to make into that are , even at long range, despite the barrel size.

Considering this is something DICE were aware could happen again unless they suffered some form of collective amnesia and don't remember what happened exactly one year ago, it became painfully obvious they are willing to step on the community's toes in order to bring new players in. As a result, seeing Battlefield V are not really uncommon on the game's subreddit these days.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Battlefield V

Others are adapting to the situation and trying to see it through a funny lens while also , stating that if players could make DICE revert TTK changes once, they can do so again. It only remains to be seen how many times this dance will repeat, in case the devs feel player base needs refreshing.

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